CrystalCastl,26 uit groningen
CrystalCastl,26 uit groningen
CrystalCastl,26 uit groningen
Gebruikersnaam: CrystalCastl
Leeftijd: 26
Land: Nederland
Provincie: Groningen
Geslacht: Shemale
Geaardheid: Bi
Relatiestatus: Vrijgezel
Ethniciteit: Westers
Haarkleur: Rood
Oogkleur: Bruin
Cupmaat: A
Gewicht: 67 Kg
Geschoren: Ja
Roker: Soms
Advertentie 19:22 13-2-2020
Write me on Discord: Ezzence#6047 . I am a bubblegum femboy bitch, who wishes he'd look pretty as your legwarmer while you smoke a fat cigar. I am a submissive transfem, people usually read me as female, but I am inbetween. I am neither very experienced, nor a beginner to bdsm, I've been tied up, spanked, and stuff like that before, and those were pretty fun, I love exploring new, strange, crazy things... I am looking for a dominant or switch woman, who likes to lead or use. Either casual play, or for serious. I am not looking to be someone's sissy, daughter or something silly like that, just regular s/m, d/s or maybe petplay stuff. Sorry, I can't speak dutch yet, though I would like to learn :)
  • Rollenspel
  • BDSM (bondage)
  • Zelf onderdanig
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  • Vrouw
  • 18+
  • Jong volwassenen
  • Volwassenen
  • Bisexueel
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