Profielfoto van selena
Gebruikersnaam: Selena
Leeftijd: 20
Land: Nederland
Provincie: Gelderland
Geslacht: Vrouw
Advertentie 13:45 4-8-2019
Hi darlings~ I'm looking to get my pussy and ass fucked (Whenever) by multiple hung men! You can do absolutly whatever to me! Ravenge my body, write slutty things on me, fuck me with hotsuace as lube, take all my panties as a trophy, make me drink your sweet cum, take me to a motel/hotel and walk me down the hall knocking on every door, bring my dumb cunt to an airport or bank, rub icy-hot on my pussy, pour candle wax on my tits, fuck my ass with a toilet brush, hand cuff me to a gas station door, drive me around town with my naked body tied to the door of your car, whip me with pine tree branches on a street corner, leave me to places completly naked, I don't give a shit! Message me back if you wanna unload buckets of cum all over my slutty body (I will lick up everything :wink: )~ Please feel free to take pictures! They will last longer~ I'm yours to use as you please!
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